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Extreme weather: cyclone


I read this article about cyclones and took notes this is what I have

A Cyclone is a big violent storm that can cause a lot of damage cyclones damage things like trees, plants and crops depending how strong it is. It can damage some houses as well. The wind of the cyclone rotates clockwise in the southern hemisphere and anti-clockwise in the northern hemisphere.

Australia experiences cyclones in the northern territory coast line and the northern coast line of Western Australia and Queensland due to ocean temperatures. A cyclone has different names depending on the location.

In the Atlantic Ocean they call it a hurricane, in the west pacific they call it a typhoon and in the south pacific they call it a tropical cyclone. A typhoon and a hurricane are still the same thing they just have different names so you can tell the location.

You can tell a cyclone by the speed. Cyclones need warm tropical waters with a temperature of 26.5 C to occur, cyclones that already exist move down to cooler waters. There are different types of cyclones such as a polar cyclone and meso cyclone.

A polar cyclone is like a normal cyclone but occurs in winter. In winter they say that polar cyclones are stronger than other cyclones. A meso cyclone is like a tornado and starts from the clouds. The biggest number of tropical cyclones that have occurred is 20 in 1983, since 1950 the lowest number of tropical cyclones in any season was five in 1987.

Math mate term 3 sheet 4


Predict: I predict that This is about numbering and problem solving

read: Each bead has a value according to its colour. The values of the first three strings of beads are given. what is the value of the last string.

Clarify: nothing to clarify

Big question: what is the value of the last chain of beads.

Mathematicians toolbox: work backwards and test all possibility’s

Solve: I solved this by working backwards and testing all possibilities I tried starting with numbers and the first two added up but the third one didn’t which meant I couldn’t work out what the last one was going to be because I hadn’t had the right numbers, I kept trying and got it right and everything added up

summary: this question was about problem solving and getting right numbers in order.

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Math Mate sheet 3 term 3


Predict: I predict this is going to be about orderings of numbers

Read: The sum of three consecutive whole numbers is 96. What are the three numbers.

Clarify: nothing to clarify

Big question: Three numbers to get to ninety six

Mathematicians toolbox: Write a sum or number sentence.

Solve: I know that 30 times 30 is 90 but three numbers to get to ninety six would have to be 31, 32, 33 so 1 plus 2 plus 3 equals 6

summary: This question was problem solving and getting to the number ninety six.

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POE Chart- rusting experiment

  P O E
Milk carton in salt water to help

Prevent rust

It isn’t going to rust because the plastic is preventing it from rusting The plastic has helped prevent  the nail from rusting, so far The nail looked the same from how we first got it [brand new]
Nail in Salt water We think it will rust because  nothing is there to prevent it Rusting at the top, bottom of the nail is going black. Now out of the water the black part is going lighter When we took the nail out of the water the bottom of the nail was black, and the top looked like there was

Fluff on it which ment it was preventing rust

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BTH Diabetes day


3 facts about diabetes is there are two ways of getting it, your either born with it or get it when your older if you don’t eat healthy.

My second fact is that everyday they have to check there blood to see if the thing goes high or low which tells him if he needs sugar or not.

My third fact is that if when you do the thing with your blood if you get it wrong to eat sugar or not it becomes really serious and you might die.

I understand now that sugar could help and sometimes it doesn’t and another one is there are two ways of getting diabetes.

A question I have is how do people get born with diabetes?

Pie Graph



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Term 2 reflection


This term our integrated topic was changing state. We had GTAC (Gene Technology Access Center) came in and teach us more about changing the state about something. This topic was really fun and I learnt a lot.

Three facts I learnt

Three facts I found interesting and surprising are:

  • That baby powder is a solid.
  • Another  interesting fact is the reaction of vinegar and bi-card soda, first it foams up then it bubbles!
  • Also water particles don’t stick to Ethane, hydrogen sticks to oxygen but Ethane doesn’t,  chlorine particles stick to hydrogen and sodium sticks to oxygen.

Two understandings

Two understandings I have now are:

  •  I know what Evaporation, condensation, melting and freezing are and that they are not as confusing as they look.
  • My second understanding is that oil stays on top of liquid when you put the two together, but when you mix it the liquid goes green.

A wondering I am left with

  • A wondering I still have is why is oil the only liquid I know that stays on top of water and how does it do it?

The most important thing I learnt

The most important things I learnt were the chemical reaction of liquids and gases I found it really interesting because I didn’t  really know that much chemical reactions before but now I am almost and expert! what also was important was our lessons on rusting and reversible change so we could do the projects that lee gave us to do.

How did I learn it

I learnt this by doing projects and research but most of all GTAC, if they didn’t come in to teach us these awesome things on science I wouldn’t know all the facts that I have mentioned before.

What am i going to do with this information

What I am going to do with what I learnt is use it for the future projects for when I am older and when ever this information comes handy I will be an expert on it.



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Story Bird Picture Book-The Butterfly Trees


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Books are better than television


I strongly believe that books are better than television because if you watch TV too long it will make your eyes sore.Secondly  you can understand the book better, and last of all you can imagine and visualize what you want but it would be harder with visualizing when the TV already has a picture.

My first argument is, when you watch TV your eyes will get red and sore which isn’t healthy for you and it has happened to you before hasn’t it? but reading a book is way better than watching TV and your eyes won’t get sore, also most books have all your favorite movies anyway.

My second argument is reading would help you understand a scene better than the movie because the book isn’t moving pictures, they are words and my opinion I  believe reading a part in a book again is easier than replaying a scene in a movie and if you don’t understand something chances are it will change the way of what you think of the book and the rest of it won’t make sense.

My third and final argument is that you can visualize. When you watch a movie they already have the picture there which makes it hard to visualize but reading you can imagine whatever you want, and you can connect and make connections with your own life which helps you understand better. when you visualize you can think of as many crazy things as you can to make the book even more interesting than it may already be.

Those were my three arguments, that you can visualize better, understand better and your eyes won’t get sore from watching TV . I seriously and strongly recommend books way better than TV and now you know why! I hope I inspired you to read books and not watch TV.


Math Mate term 2 sheet 8


Predict: I predict this is going to be about counting the rolls of dice in snakes and ladders

Read: If you could roll the same number every time, what number would you choose so that you could move from s to f in the least number of rolls.

clarify: nothing to clarify

Big question: If you could roll the same number throughout the game what would it be to have the least number of turns.

Mathematicians toolbox: I have seen a similar problem

solve: When you usually play snakes and ladders everyone hopes they get 6 because it is the highest number, because it is the highest you move more spaces and that would get you to the end quicker than any of the other numbers

Summary: This question was about thinking about the numbers on a dice so that you could see what numbers would have least moves.

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