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Valedictorian Speech


Welcome students and parents to this years graduation. Since prep all the way up to year six has been such a journey. In prep I remember walking into the classroom and seeing other kids and our teacher, I was really nervous. Leigh paired us with another prep, I was with afrah. We weren’t friends and didn’t talk to each other but then we somehow became friends and we still are. From prep to year two we had Friday fun which was where we spent and hour and a Friday having fun! year three was different though.

In year three we got the opportunity to play music, I chose violin and I still play it now and will continue in high school. Year three was also our first camp which was at sovereign hill. The things there were very interesting and we got to see how school was like a long time a go and we also got to do panning for gold in the spare time. In year four our camp was at camp currembene. The activity’s were really fun like the flying fox, the obstacle course and we also had tennis courts and I love playing tennis.

Year five was a really good year and probably the one I was most scared to move up too. We did so many different things I had never done before at school like the met challenge which was super fun, what we had to do was find certain things that the teachers had for us too find. In year 5 we also got to do gala sport which was in summer at the start of the year and we got to chose a sport.  I chose volley ball.  What we got to do was to go to different schools and play.  we also started the e connect program which was when we got our laptops.  This was good because it made school work very easy to organise and easy to put writing on our blog.

We also did winter sports. In year 5 I chose soccer.  Winter sports was a bit different because there were different sports.  But this year I played netball instead of soccer.  The MIVIP program I talked about in year 3, when we got to year 5 some students got to go to music camp.We went with other schools and it was really fun seeing what other schools play there instrument. This year was another good year and I made new friends as well we did the met challenge again this year and we are going to Canberra for camp. I now want to take this opportunity to thank my teachers who have taught me everything from writing my name to presenting speeches and debates in class masters to improve on our public speaking. Now with all that I have learnt from primary school I feel I am ready for high school. Thank you

graph of green house emissions


spelling city


This weeks spelling city was contractions so I did words like didn’t and wouldn’t and couldn’t  basiclly could is like I could so like a yes and couldn’t is no so thats what this weeks spelling city was teaching.

100 word challenge week 8


I was with my friend and we thought we should just go to the park to talk and gossip, a bit later we decided to play I spy. The game just kept going till we reached a strange place in the park there was a sign ” what does it say” I said ”lets go find out” so we went over to the stand but out of nowhere a floating cape\hood thing just came toward us ”AHHHHHH” we both screamed, we ran back to my place as soon as possible but the thing just kept following us, when I got home I noticed my friend wasn’t with me, where did she go……..

spelling city


on this weeks spelling city it was putting words together like timetable and overseas and viewpoint these words can be together but can also be separated like view and point are two different words but you can put them together to make one word and that is the same with timetable cause time can be one word and table can be another so that’s what the words were teaching us in spelling city

6 traits of writing, reading like a writer


Today we learnt about reading like a writer. Reading like a writer is when your reading, you look for certain techniques and look for the 6 traits of writing which is the ideas in the story, the organization,word choice, sentence fluency, conventions and voice,

Three techniques I have learnt and that I would use in the future with my writing is using long sentences if I wanted my story to sound fast and exciting. I would also use the technique of using short sentences as well if I wanted to write a calm piece of writing.

Last of all I would use the laying out of my writing which is changing my punctuation and grammar so I can make my writing loud and exciting or calm and quiet. In our application we used our literacy circles book which my book was Gilbert ghost train, to find the 6 traits of writing in a section of our choice, this is what I came up with:

Idea: talking about Martin’s family and Dally having leukemia

organization: proper introduction

voice: calm and soft

sentence fluency: the sentences are short, calm and descriptive

conventions: the grammar and punctuation is used quiet often in the start

Poetry six room image process


this is my poem using the strategy the six room image, The six room is image is basically steps for what to have in your poem, rm:1 is a image  of what you visualize that is amazing interesting or beautiful to you.rm:2 is light in the image rm:3 is the sounds you hear rm:4 is questions about your image rm:5 is your feelings and rm:6 is  to find a phrase of the image you thought of and repeat it three times. This is what I have.

   gfikaJUGFAKJGDI Waves crashing

  BHJSKFGBAKJblue water

GDHJJQAAHJhmjhgjhgjmhvjhf blue sky

 jghjagfjagfjagdaj why is the water so blue

bright shining sun

hfdjshfdjshfjshfgjshfsj happy, excited, relaxed

jhdgjahfdjsh waves crashing, waves crashing, waves crashing

 qhsgfakjhfgkajdgajfNow this is my second poem

vhgjhjhgjhgjhgjhgjhgjhgjhgjbig city

hgfhagfakjhgfabright, tall, shiny

hgjhgjyhgjhgjhgjhgjhgjhghjhgjhgjhgpity, to big


bhfhjgfhgfngfhgfhgfhgfhgfhwhy a big city

ghjyfjhfjhgfjhnice and pretty

hjhjhgjhgjhgjhgjhgjhgjhgtall, tall, tall


Math mate sheet 5 question 23


Predict:I predict this will be a problem solving question with dividing.

Read:I think of a number, divide it by 2 and then add 12. If the result is 20 what was the original number

Clarify: nothing to clarify

Big question: think of a number divide 2 and add 20

Mathematicians toolbox: Work backwards, I have a similar problem

Solve: I solved this by working backwards and knowing that 12 plus 8 equals 20

summary: This was about problem solving and working backwards

Extreme weather: cyclone


I read this article about cyclones and took notes this is what I have

A Cyclone is a big violent storm that can cause a lot of damage cyclones damage things like trees, plants and crops depending how strong it is. It can damage some houses as well. The wind of the cyclone rotates clockwise in the southern hemisphere and anti-clockwise in the northern hemisphere.

Australia experiences cyclones in the northern territory coast line and the northern coast line of Western Australia and Queensland due to ocean temperatures. A cyclone has different names depending on the location.

In the Atlantic Ocean they call it a hurricane, in the west pacific they call it a typhoon and in the south pacific they call it a tropical cyclone. A typhoon and a hurricane are still the same thing they just have different names so you can tell the location.

You can tell a cyclone by the speed. Cyclones need warm tropical waters with a temperature of 26.5 C to occur, cyclones that already exist move down to cooler waters. There are different types of cyclones such as a polar cyclone and meso cyclone.

A polar cyclone is like a normal cyclone but occurs in winter. In winter they say that polar cyclones are stronger than other cyclones. A meso cyclone is like a tornado and starts from the clouds. The biggest number of tropical cyclones that have occurred is 20 in 1983, since 1950 the lowest number of tropical cyclones in any season was five in 1987.

Math Mate sheet 3 term 3


Predict: I predict this is going to be about orderings of numbers

Read: The sum of three consecutive whole numbers is 96. What are the three numbers.

Clarify: nothing to clarify

Big question: Three numbers to get to ninety six

Mathematicians toolbox: Write a sum or number sentence.

Solve: I know that 30 times 30 is 90 but three numbers to get to ninety six would have to be 31, 32, 33 so 1 plus 2 plus 3 equals 6

summary: This question was problem solving and getting to the number ninety six.

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