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Education week scientists do amazing things


On 21\5\14 our class 5\6B went to GTAC [Gene Technology Access Centre] to learn about science!! We could have gone any other week but we decided this week because it is education week! Simon Maria and Jacinta were the people that taught us.

The things that I remember doing were putting the balloons in the big container with liquid nitrogen. We were told to talk to the people next to us and write down in our book how many balloons would fit in there, Alyssa and I thought 2 balloons because we didn’t seen the liquid nitrogen in the container because the lid was closed, We ended up putting 10 balloons in and when they were taken out they were freezing and back to normal as they would when they were blown up!

We also put a banana in the and it froze and when Simon banged it, it shattered into pieces. We also looked at popcorn pop in slow motion so as it heated up the gas took up too much space and it exploded and the popcorn jumped up on to the table, on the slow motion version on screen  you could see the gas fly up!

Things I understand now is that dry ice doesn’t go from a solid to a liquid it actually goes from a solid to a gas. I also understand the reaction of ocean water and oil react, when Alyssa and I put the oil in the ocean water I thought the oil would mix with the water but it stayed on the top, the next thing we did was put dishwashing liquid in with the oil and water and the oil stayed where it was and the water became green like the liquid!

I also never knew how much oil went into the ocean water from all the boats and how bad it is for the water, sea animals and plants that live under the water, especially animals like fish that breath water, it would be very bad for them to breathe oil as well.

A few questions I am left with are what would un-popped popcorn reactions when it is in the liquid nitrogen?  I also where the oil comes from in the boats? And last question what other reactions are there that react like oil and water?



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