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6 traits of writing, reading like a writer


Today we learnt about reading like a writer. Reading like a writer is when your reading, you look for certain techniques and look for the 6 traits of writing which is the ideas in the story, the organization,word choice, sentence fluency, conventions and voice,

Three techniques I have learnt and that I would use in the future with my writing is using long sentences if I wanted my story to sound fast and exciting. I would also use the technique of using short sentences as well if I wanted to write a calm piece of writing.

Last of all I would use the laying out of my writing which is changing my punctuation and grammar so I can make my writing loud and exciting or calm and quiet. In our application we used our literacy circles book which my book was Gilbert ghost train, to find the 6 traits of writing in a section of our choice, this is what I came up with:

Idea: talking about Martin’s family and Dally having leukemia

organization: proper introduction

voice: calm and soft

sentence fluency: the sentences are short, calm and descriptive

conventions: the grammar and punctuation is used quiet often in the start

GTAC reflection


On Monday 28th of October we went to GTAC. We went there because our integrated topic this term is forensic science, so we went there to learn more about the topic. In the science lab we were looking at evidence from the dog alphie to find out where he was up to. there were samples of water that we had to check as well as the leaves in the dogs mouth and the dirt and bugs stuck on him

when we had finished, we looked at a map to see exactly where the dog was going. Our group figured it out and it made a lot of sense when you could see where the dog was going.

In the end everyone that went to GTAC got a award for their effort. When we were all having lunch, about to hop on the bus we saw a video they had on about DNA, how it is made and what it is used for. I found it interesting learning those facts because most of the things I hadn’t seen before.

International day of the girl


International day of the girl

From the website I found to research I learnt that girls are forced to get married under the age of 18 not just that but also nearly 60 million girls in the world have not had any education. It was really upsetting to find out about the girls having early pregnancies, unclean water to drink no education and getting forced to get married. I really hope that the woman and girls that live this way will have a better future.

term 3 reflection



Last term the topic for our integrated project was… EXPLORERS!!! And this is my reflection on the last integrated project. What we did to learn about explorers was to do a speech on an Australian explorer.


Three facts I found Interesting and surprising were:

Firstly I found that it was amazing to find out that the explorers I chose were first to see the Murray River in 1824, I found it interesting because I never thought that the Murray River was around that long ago!

Another fact I found interesting was that Hamilton Hume started his work exploring at the age of a teenager. I find that interesting because not many or none actually that I know that have started before the age of a teenager!

My third and final fact that I found interesting is that… William hovel was born in England and Hamilton Hume was born in Australia so I am wondering how they met each other if they lived in different countries.


Two understandings I have now are

When I present to always speak louder and not to fiddle with things also I have to make sure I speak clearly otherwise no one will be able to hear me.

One wondering I still have is:

What made Hamilton Hume decide to go to Australia and join exploring with William Hovel.

The most important things I learnt were… That explorers can explore anything for example… Science, places and more that you could think of.

How I learnt it

I learnt that explorers can do many other things than explore land because when I was researching Dame Kate Campbell well, she is a paediatrician like my mum so that is how I learnt.

What am I going to do with what I have learnt?

Use it as information that I might need to look back at when I am older.

Finally a concluding statement where you share your overall thoughts and feelings about your project, the work you did, what you learnt and how it was working with your team:

I found working with my partners Cindy and layla I have learnt a lot and I think it was a great experience doing an interview because that was the first time I had done it.



My Body, My Life Project Reflection

  1. What were 3 most important things I’ve learnt about my research skills since completing this project?

I have learnt that having questions to answer during a project really helps you understand more about the topic because you talk about all different things not just one. I think with research I could have been more specific on what I was saying. For example make sure I knew what things were or there natural word and what they mean

2. How can I improve my work group skills

I could improve by communicating a bit more with my group as well as more practice with our presentation so we knew exactly what was going on and what we were going to do.

3. What goal would I have for semester 3 regards to my integrated studies

To speak much more loudly so the class can hear me and to slow down when I speak. Also not to mumble on my words and stop saying words like um, and, uh and to read a bit more fluently

Apostrophe Reflection


.Three things that I have learnt about apostrophes

Three Important thing’s I learnt about apostrophes today were remembering about that apostrophes can go after and before and  S. Another thing is that I shouldn’t put the apostrophes like for example pets’s  because it makes no sense so we make it pet’s. The third thing I learnt today is why we use apostrophes. If we had the apostrophe after and S then it means many of that so if I put Madelines’ it would mean many Madeline’s. If I put it like Madeline’s then it means it means for Example- Madeline’s books are still on the table then it means that it is my stuff and not many of Madeline’s books.

.Three things I need help with

What I need help with is to remember the facts about when to use them and what they are for. Also I think to remember what the apostrophes mean when you put them in different places and lucky last is to remember to not make a word look like for example pets’s. that is probably the three things I need help with.

.Three things that I could teach another person

What I probably teach another person about apostrophes is really everything that I have learnt which is and apostrophe can go before and after an S and Also not to put a apostrophe and S after and S for example Pets’s because it makes no sense the last thing I would teach the person is the meaning of it for example having a apostrophe after and S means many and having it before an S means that it is that persons stuff for example That is Madeline’s pencil case. That is the three things I would teach a person.




Term two reflection



I think I have achieved to keep my diary organized because now I can easily know what sheet I need to get out from my diary and I am very up to date with it. As well as that I am remembering to keep it signed because if I don’t get it signed I would get in trouble and would also be telling the teacher

that my parents haven’t seen my diary all week and I could have written bad stuff in there.

Semester two goals

This term I have achieved so many different things and I have gotten quicker at and more organized at them. The first thing is math. I have gotten quicker and confident and smarter at math and that is why I think that I have achieved maths. Second of all my handwriting is much neater and now how I hold my pencil is much better because I used to hold it very weirdly and I think that is what made my handwriting neater now.





asia project reflection


. Most Important thing that I learnt

The most important thing that I learnt was to be more confident when I am presenting things like my Asia project. I also learnt what places are good to research at and some places are not good to research for example Google and yahoo answers! because on yahoo answers they only have other peoples opinions about the topic and Google does not give you ENOUGH! information.


.What I can do now that I couldn’t before

What I used in this project was my confidence other wise I would not know what to do and I would probably run away and cry, and I used my cue cards on this project other wise I wouldn’t know what to say.


Now when I am presenting I speak clearly and loudly unlike before I never used to talk loud enough or clearly.

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