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My Amethyst


My sister was inspired by the rock, Gem and mineral program in the herald sun. She got the gold glass small gar of gold that is the most rarest one. She is always in her room looking at them. One day I went in there to see what she was doing. She just said I want a microscope. I said what for? to see inside my rocks, gems and minerals There was an awkward silence, I thought for a second, I remembered! I have a small amethyst and a pink quartz so I brought them in


A few weeks later on dads birthday we went to our grandads place for lunch. When we were getting birthday cake I asked, Grandpa, have you got any rocks, gems or minerals? he said ah No sorry I wasn’t expecting it at all though I just wanted to find out. After we had cake I was On my way to dads old room and Emily my sister sneaked up and locked me out. I said EMILY! YOU GET HERE NOW!


I waited a few minutes she squealed! I said Emily don’t squeal just open the door. She slammed it open and for some reason She was happy and excited, I said Emily honestly how are you happy? you locked me out! Madeline she said you must come with me, I said Why? She said just come and I said all ri-AHHH! She dragged me in! What she showed me was a big amethyst It was huge!


I said let’s ask grandpa if we can keep it so we rushed out and said grandpa can we keep this? He said of course you can! you can keep anything you like! We said thank you Grandpa!! When we got home we got out all of our crystals out and the big amethyst  we were trying to find out weather it is a gem or mineral? I thought it was a mineral although it could have been any of them we looked at all the crystals in the magnifine glass! can’t wait to get the microscope!

Swimming carnival recount


On Wednesday the 13th It was the swimming carnival. Before the day we organized all the events we are in. We went queens park swimming pool. In my events I came 7th 3rd 2nd  which wasen’t my best but it was the first time I was doing 50 and 100 metres swimming. I was surprised I didn’t get burnt cause i have very sensitive skin.

since I am in macarthur as usual we came last overall which was upsetting. the 1/2s and preps left early to do work back at school. the order of the over all winners were Chisholm, banks, Lawson, macarthur. and apart from macarthur coming last the day was really good.

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