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Books are better than television


I strongly believe that books are better than television because if you watch TV too long it will make your eyes sore.Secondly  you can understand the book better, and last of all you can imagine and visualize what you want but it would be harder with visualizing when the TV already has a picture.

My first argument is, when you watch TV your eyes will get red and sore which isn’t healthy for you and it has happened to you before hasn’t it? but reading a book is way better than watching TV and your eyes won’t get sore, also most books have all your favorite movies anyway.

My second argument is reading would help you understand a scene better than the movie because the book isn’t moving pictures, they are words and my opinion I  believe reading a part in a book again is easier than replaying a scene in a movie and if you don’t understand something chances are it will change the way of what you think of the book and the rest of it won’t make sense.

My third and final argument is that you can visualize. When you watch a movie they already have the picture there which makes it hard to visualize but reading you can imagine whatever you want, and you can connect and make connections with your own life which helps you understand better. when you visualize you can think of as many crazy things as you can to make the book even more interesting than it may already be.

Those were my three arguments, that you can visualize better, understand better and your eyes won’t get sore from watching TV . I seriously and strongly recommend books way better than TV and now you know why! I hope I inspired you to read books and not watch TV.


high rise building


Dear Moonee Valley City Council,

I strongly believe that we shouldn’t have the high rise building Because it would be distracting while us children work I also disagree because it would cause a lot of traffic as well. I also strongly believe not to have the high rise building because it would be very dangerous to have. That is why I strongly believe that we should not have the high rise building.

One of the reasons is it would be distracting while the students work. It would be annoying how we could hear the sounds and the saw dust I from experience have witnessed sounds and saw dust from buildings which is distracting. So that is why I believe we shouldn’t build the high rise building

My second reason is the traffic the high rise building will cause. So many people live in the area and the apartment would add more that they will all be trying to get to work and school but because of the traffic it will make it harder. Have you been stuck in traffic on your way to work or school? so many people have and this building will add more. So this is another reason this building is bad for our suburb.


My final argument is this building will cause danger! Hammers, dust, drills and bricks and children around it is not a good idea. If children’s ball fall over the fence then we go to fetch it the dust without a mask could be dangerous. When builders are working they are wearing a mask. So for students to be near that without a mask is crazy. So that is why the high rise building is dangerous.

please take my opinions

thank you for listening to my opinions from Madeline Vorrias

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