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Extreme weather: cyclone


I read this article about cyclones and took notes this is what I have

A Cyclone is a big violent storm that can cause a lot of damage cyclones damage things like trees, plants and crops depending how strong it is. It can damage some houses as well. The wind of the cyclone rotates clockwise in the southern hemisphere and anti-clockwise in the northern hemisphere.

Australia experiences cyclones in the northern territory coast line and the northern coast line of Western Australia and Queensland due to ocean temperatures. A cyclone has different names depending on the location.

In the Atlantic Ocean they call it a hurricane, in the west pacific they call it a typhoon and in the south pacific they call it a tropical cyclone. A typhoon and a hurricane are still the same thing they just have different names so you can tell the location.

You can tell a cyclone by the speed. Cyclones need warm tropical waters with a temperature of 26.5 C to occur, cyclones that already exist move down to cooler waters. There are different types of cyclones such as a polar cyclone and meso cyclone.

A polar cyclone is like a normal cyclone but occurs in winter. In winter they say that polar cyclones are stronger than other cyclones. A meso cyclone is like a tornado and starts from the clouds. The biggest number of tropical cyclones that have occurred is 20 in 1983, since 1950 the lowest number of tropical cyclones in any season was five in 1987.

Exploration Proposal


Explorer: Dame Kate Campbell

We chose this explorer because she discovered children’s diseases which really interested us!

The team I worked with was Layla, Cindy and I.

Questions: a few questions I have are When was she born? How and when did she die? Why did she want to discover children’s diseases?  When did she start studying? Did she have any brothers or sisters? Did she become famous? Who did she get married too? Was she first to discover children’s diseases? who did she work with while studying?

My Body, My Life Project Reflection

  1. What were 3 most important things I’ve learnt about my research skills since completing this project?

I have learnt that having questions to answer during a project really helps you understand more about the topic because you talk about all different things not just one. I think with research I could have been more specific on what I was saying. For example make sure I knew what things were or there natural word and what they mean

2. How can I improve my work group skills

I could improve by communicating a bit more with my group as well as more practice with our presentation so we knew exactly what was going on and what we were going to do.

3. What goal would I have for semester 3 regards to my integrated studies

To speak much more loudly so the class can hear me and to slow down when I speak. Also not to mumble on my words and stop saying words like um, and, uh and to read a bit more fluently

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