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This year in September 22nd I went to Thailand. First I went to koh samui for 6 days and Bangkok for 8 days. In koh samui at the place we went to they had actual jungle at the resort the bad thing though is they said they were going to take all of it down for more space. It was amazing there we went elephant trecking which there were elephants everywhere and we watched the elephant show, monkey show, crocodile show, Snake show and bird show! They were all really amazing and I enjoyed them so much. Other days we went to markets and went to the beach and the pools at the resort. IT WAS BOILING!

Anyway at Bangkok was where we were going shopping. We went to sooooooooooooo many shops mainly because we chose to go on this to relax at koh samui and then go shopping for things in Bangkok. When I went to Bangkok it reminded me of Melbourne because of all the buildings they looked the same. In koh samui at the monkey show we watched after we went elephant trekking the monkey climbed up a palm tree threw a coconut down from it and then broke it so the coconut milk came out of the coconut.

When I was on the plane and we were just about to land in koh samui the sky was grey so I thought it would be really cold but actually when I got off the plane it was really hot but then it was pretty obvious that it was hot because the state is close to the equator. Going to Thailand I found it very different to I expected as well as everything is so cheap!!! It is unknown for anything to be expensive there. The end.

GTAC reflection


On Monday 28th of October we went to GTAC. We went there because our integrated topic this term is forensic science, so we went there to learn more about the topic. In the science lab we were looking at evidence from the dog alphie to find out where he was up to. there were samples of water that we had to check as well as the leaves in the dogs mouth and the dirt and bugs stuck on him

when we had finished, we looked at a map to see exactly where the dog was going. Our group figured it out and it made a lot of sense when you could see where the dog was going.

In the end everyone that went to GTAC got a award for their effort. When we were all having lunch, about to hop on the bus we saw a video they had on about DNA, how it is made and what it is used for. I found it interesting learning those facts because most of the things I hadn’t seen before.

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