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Term 2 reflection


This term our integrated topic was changing state. We had GTAC (Gene Technology Access Center) came in and teach us more about changing the state about something. This topic was really fun and I learnt a lot.

Three facts I learnt

Three facts I found interesting and surprising are:

  • That baby powder is a solid.
  • Another  interesting fact is the reaction of vinegar and bi-card soda, first it foams up then it bubbles!
  • Also water particles don’t stick to Ethane, hydrogen sticks to oxygen but Ethane doesn’t,  chlorine particles stick to hydrogen and sodium sticks to oxygen.

Two understandings

Two understandings I have now are:

  •  I know what Evaporation, condensation, melting and freezing are and that they are not as confusing as they look.
  • My second understanding is that oil stays on top of liquid when you put the two together, but when you mix it the liquid goes green.

A wondering I am left with

  • A wondering I still have is why is oil the only liquid I know that stays on top of water and how does it do it?

The most important thing I learnt

The most important things I learnt were the chemical reaction of liquids and gases I found it really interesting because I didn’t  really know that much chemical reactions before but now I am almost and expert! what also was important was our lessons on rusting and reversible change so we could do the projects that lee gave us to do.

How did I learn it

I learnt this by doing projects and research but most of all GTAC, if they didn’t come in to teach us these awesome things on science I wouldn’t know all the facts that I have mentioned before.

What am i going to do with this information

What I am going to do with what I learnt is use it for the future projects for when I am older and when ever this information comes handy I will be an expert on it.



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