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Thank goodness it’s Friday it’s been a very busy week

YAY!!! This week has been sooooo busy! and tomorrow is the weekend [Saturday!].We get to relax from doing work! well apart from checking  if it is finished and done properly or not. My only concern about the weekend is that I have to do my tutor homework

The reason why  mum gets me to do it on the  weekend  is because during the week I do other work like practicing  music, Greek school work and school work. Anyway that is why I like the weekend.

On The weekend  on Saturday in particular I play tennis. My sister does taekwondo around the same time. What my sister and I love doing is going to the milk bar and getting a ice cream on a real warm day!


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Daily Dash The writing process can sometimes be dull , But mostly I make it exciting


The writing process is so lame and dull all the time but I always  and mostly  try to make it fun and exciting. All the time when we write story’s which I hate writing, I always try to stay focused and if there is no topic then I write about the things I love and enjoy to make it fun like my kitten, Bird, Family and friends to make it interesting. So when we have to go through the process of self editing, Secretarial and Authorial I always hate correcting it so I always think about who good writers are that write interesting stuff so I wouldn’t get board all the time correcting work that  I am not interested in. I always try to do that with all the writing we do like daily dash, Recounts, Reflections and  even stuff that we have to write from our writers notebooks. Sometimes with some writing you can’t  decide what the topic is  and it gets super boring, Lame, Dull and there are so many other words to describe it. I wonder why it gets so boring in the writing process and I wonder how we could fix it being so BORI NG!!!!!!

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