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week 9 100 word challenge


It is 9:00 pm and it is freezing outside, literally. The wind was so loud and strong I could barley sleep. I had my lamp on to look out the window. I was looking at the trees move and everything else just sitting there the same on a dark pale night, I turned to a different direction and saw something shake and shiver, it was small and fluffy. I snuck outside without my parents knowing to find out what it was and the cutest little kitten was just sitting in the middle of nowhere as it shivered it looked up to me and I took it inside.

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100WC week 26


YES!!!!!! I said to myself as I got out of bed, I am finally going to see the 2nd movie of my favorite in cinema with my friends! When my friends and I just got out of the cinema we were going to get take away food, as we walked outside I looked above my head and I saw a flying pig, a purple one! Look up! can you see!’ it’s a flying pig’said my friend, OMG did you here that it said……. HI, OMG it’s a flying, purple talking pig! Then suddenly The pig vanished, It caused me to float up into the clouds with my friends, we were screaming it was so scary, after that I couldn’t remember anything……..

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100WC #23


Recently, I was researching about space and planets while I was on a rocket ship. While I was happily gliding through the atmosphere to try and get back home I was dodging all the planets  in my way.  I felt a bump and heard a rumble. The rocket ship was out of control.  I accidentally pressed  the button to go up, I couldn’t stop it.  It felt like I was pushing through earth.  I then found myself on a white floor where there was nothing around me.  I was in a different world and  now I can never go back home.

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100 WC week 21


There were big crimes in Asia, Europe and over 20 people were killed in 7 days by this same murderer there were people across the world wondering what was going on and who the murderer was there were forensic scientists having to travel around the world for DNA samples and fingerprints. After they had done what they could they had meeting at each country or state the people were killed in and were trying to find a answer. it was 2 weeks since all the murders and the only thing that they could find was that the murderer lived  from all the places that he had killed. it is left a mystery…

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100 WC # 15


I had woken up one morning and it was Christmas morning and I had asked Santa for a paint set absolutely all I have ever wanted since I was little I wanted a paint set because I am very into art and craft. Anyway I was on my way to the Christmas tree that we had put up. I got many things but an art set I was so mad. Very unusually I saw the laundry door open so I went in there cause I had to give the kittens breakfast but then there it was very unusual place to be but there was the art set I have always wanted.

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100 WC #14


I was in my classroom and  I was just finishing off a little work when I heard a noise. I had been at least five minutes and it was still going. Then the noise stopped I thought it was some ones laptop . It was a very interesting noise! When I got home from school that day when I was doing my homework I heard the noise again! I was puzzled, how could I hear the noise again if it was some ones lap top? I started to look around and outside to see where the noise was coming from. and then just outside my window were very very noisy birds and then the noise stopped and they flew away.

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100 WC #12


Dear children,


I am so sorry for what I have done I feel terrible. Because you have lost your families for what I have done it doesn’t make you different from anyone else. I hope you can forgive me for doing this and I hope we can be friends again and not to worry about it. I am so sorry for you to lose your families I honestly cannot believe I actually did this like I said I feel terrible, please forgive me


Kind regards Dr Walker

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100 WC week 33!!!!!


I was in my backyard once in the spring time and I was enjoying myself with the plants and the new seeds that were growing. I check the seeds every day so that is also seven times a week! And one day when I was in my backyard a bird came along and it tried to eat all the vegetables and plants in my garden! So I spent hours making a net so the birds wouldn’t come again. I then finally finished and put it on and the birds were getting there wings stuck and everything so they didn’t come again!

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100 WC week 31


I woke up one morning I was in the middle of a golf club  it was surrounded by giant golf balls, for some reason no one noticed me and I was in the middle of the court ! I didn’t know why  then for some reason I started floating around everywhere and I felt like I was invisible! eventually I was able to go back down to my blanket and go to bed again I when I closed my eyes then opened them I was back home I opened and closed them again  I was back In the golf club! then I noticed I must have been dreaming

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100 word challenge week 30


My favourite book is dear dork. The book dear dork is by the author Rachel Renee Russell. Dear Dork is a book from a series and I have read the series and I love them all but my favourite of them all is dear dork because there is a lot more drama than the other series which I really love drama so that is one reason why I like it. I also like this book more because it is about her writing the newspaper but other series it is about school events. That is why I love this book DEAR DORK!!!!!!!

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