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Valedictorian Speech


Welcome students and parents to this years graduation. Since prep all the way up to year six has been such a journey. In prep I remember walking into the classroom and seeing other kids and our teacher, I was really nervous. Leigh paired us with another prep, I was with afrah. We weren’t friends and […]

graph of green house emissions


spelling city


This weeks spelling city was contractions so I did words like didn’t and wouldn’t and couldn’t  basiclly could is like I could so like a yes and couldn’t is no so thats what this weeks spelling city was teaching.

week 9 100 word challenge


It is 9:00 pm and it is freezing outside, literally. The wind was so loud and strong I could barley sleep. I had my lamp on to look out the window. I was looking at the trees move and everything else just sitting there the same on a dark pale night, I turned to a […]

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100 word challenge week 8


I was with my friend and we thought we should just go to the park to talk and gossip, a bit later we decided to play I spy. The game just kept going till we reached a strange place in the park there was a sign ” what does it say” I said ”lets go […]

spelling city


on this weeks spelling city it was putting words together like timetable and overseas and viewpoint these words can be together but can also be separated like view and point are two different words but you can put them together to make one word and that is the same with timetable cause time can be […]

6 traits of writing, reading like a writer


Today we learnt about reading like a writer. Reading like a writer is when your reading, you look for certain techniques and look for the 6 traits of writing which is the ideas in the story, the organization,word choice, sentence fluency, conventions and voice, Three techniques I have learnt and that I would use in […]

Poetry six room image process


this is my poem using the strategy the six room image, The six room is image is basically steps for what to have in your poem, rm:1 is a image  of what you visualize that is amazing interesting or beautiful to you.rm:2 is light in the image rm:3 is the sounds you hear rm:4 is […]

how to make a rainbow loom starburst


What you will need: a Rainbow loom Rainbow bands a hook a s or c clip Method: 1. Place your first band diagonal on the peg from the start on the loom and do the same with the other side 2.after you place the diagonal band from the middle to each side loom straight up […]

Math mate sheet 5 question 23


Predict:I predict this will be a problem solving question with dividing. Read:I think of a number, divide it by 2 and then add 12. If the result is 20 what was the original number Clarify: nothing to clarify Big question: think of a number divide 2 and add 20 Mathematicians toolbox: Work backwards, I have […]

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