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Valedictorian Speech


Welcome students and parents to this years graduation. Since prep all the way up to year six has been such a journey. In prep I remember walking into the classroom and seeing other kids and our teacher, I was really nervous. Leigh paired us with another prep, I was with afrah. We weren’t friends and didn’t talk to each other but then we somehow became friends and we still are. From prep to year two we had Friday fun which was where we spent and hour and a Friday having fun! year three was different though.

In year three we got the opportunity to play music, I chose violin and I still play it now and will continue in high school. Year three was also our first camp which was at sovereign hill. The things there were very interesting and we got to see how school was like a long time a go and we also got to do panning for gold in the spare time. In year four our camp was at camp currembene. The activity’s were really fun like the flying fox, the obstacle course and we also had tennis courts and I love playing tennis.

Year five was a really good year and probably the one I was most scared to move up too. We did so many different things I had never done before at school like the met challenge which was super fun, what we had to do was find certain things that the teachers had for us too find. In year 5 we also got to do gala sport which was in summer at the start of the year and we got to chose a sport.  I chose volley ball.  What we got to do was to go to different schools and play.  we also started the e connect program which was when we got our laptops.  This was good because it made school work very easy to organise and easy to put writing on our blog.

We also did winter sports. In year 5 I chose soccer.  Winter sports was a bit different because there were different sports.  But this year I played netball instead of soccer.  The MIVIP program I talked about in year 3, when we got to year 5 some students got to go to music camp.We went with other schools and it was really fun seeing what other schools play there instrument. This year was another good year and I made new friends as well we did the met challenge again this year and we are going to Canberra for camp. I now want to take this opportunity to thank my teachers who have taught me everything from writing my name to presenting speeches and debates in class masters to improve on our public speaking. Now with all that I have learnt from primary school I feel I am ready for high school. Thank you

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