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week 9 100 word challenge


It is 9:00 pm and it is freezing outside, literally. The wind was so loud and strong I could barley sleep. I had my lamp on to look out the window. I was looking at the trees move and everything else just sitting there the same on a dark pale night, I turned to a different direction and saw something shake and shiver, it was small and fluffy. I snuck outside without my parents knowing to find out what it was and the cutest little kitten was just sitting in the middle of nowhere as it shivered it looked up to me and I took it inside.

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“week 9 100 word challenge”

  1. November 9th, 2014 at 12:52 pm      Reply Mr. Fischer Says:

    Hi Madeline,
    Thanks for sharing your writing with us! I really enjoyed reading your post this week. You successfully added details to “show” the reader (not “tell” them) what was happening. Your writing built suspense throughout and made me want to keep reading. In the first sentence you were writing in present tense (e.g. “It is…”) but the rest of your piece was in past tense. Try to ensure that you don’t switch between tenses. Fantastic job – keep up the writing!
    Mr. Fischer (Team 100; Canada)

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