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Valedictorian Speech


Welcome students and parents to this years graduation. Since prep all the way up to year six has been such a journey. In prep I remember walking into the classroom and seeing other kids and our teacher, I was really nervous. Leigh paired us with another prep, I was with afrah. We weren’t friends and […]

graph of green house emissions


spelling city


This weeks spelling city was contractions so I did words like didn’t and wouldn’t and couldn’t  basiclly could is like I could so like a yes and couldn’t is no so thats what this weeks spelling city was teaching.

week 9 100 word challenge


It is 9:00 pm and it is freezing outside, literally. The wind was so loud and strong I could barley sleep. I had my lamp on to look out the window. I was looking at the trees move and everything else just sitting there the same on a dark pale night, I turned to a […]

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