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6 traits of writing, reading like a writer


Today we learnt about reading like a writer. Reading like a writer is when your reading, you look for certain techniques and look for the 6 traits of writing which is the ideas in the story, the organization,word choice, sentence fluency, conventions and voice,

Three techniques I have learnt and that I would use in the future with my writing is using long sentences if I wanted my story to sound fast and exciting. I would also use the technique of using short sentences as well if I wanted to write a calm piece of writing.

Last of all I would use the laying out of my writing which is changing my punctuation and grammar so I can make my writing loud and exciting or calm and quiet. In our application we used our literacy circles book which my book was Gilbert ghost train, to find the 6 traits of writing in a section of our choice, this is what I came up with:

Idea: talking about Martin’s family and Dally having leukemia

organization: proper introduction

voice: calm and soft

sentence fluency: the sentences are short, calm and descriptive

conventions: the grammar and punctuation is used quiet often in the start

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