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100 word challenge week 8


I was with my friend and we thought we should just go to the park to talk and gossip, a bit later we decided to play I spy. The game just kept going till we reached a strange place in the park there was a sign ” what does it say” I said ”lets go […]

spelling city


on this weeks spelling city it was putting words together like timetable and overseas and viewpoint these words can be together but can also be separated like view and point are two different words but you can put them together to make one word and that is the same with timetable cause time can be […]

6 traits of writing, reading like a writer


Today we learnt about reading like a writer. Reading like a writer is when your reading, you look for certain techniques and look for the 6 traits of writing which is the ideas in the story, the organization,word choice, sentence fluency, conventions and voice, Three techniques I have learnt and that I would use in […]

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