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Poetry six room image process


this is my poem using the strategy the six room image, The six room is image is basically steps for what to have in your poem, rm:1 is a image  of what you visualize that is amazing interesting or beautiful to you.rm:2 is light in the image rm:3 is the sounds you hear rm:4 is questions about your image rm:5 is your feelings and rm:6 is  to find a phrase of the image you thought of and repeat it three times. This is what I have.

   gfikaJUGFAKJGDI Waves crashing

  BHJSKFGBAKJblue water

GDHJJQAAHJhmjhgjhgjmhvjhf blue sky

 jghjagfjagfjagdaj why is the water so blue

bright shining sun

hfdjshfdjshfjshfgjshfsj happy, excited, relaxed

jhdgjahfdjsh waves crashing, waves crashing, waves crashing

 qhsgfakjhfgkajdgajfNow this is my second poem

vhgjhjhgjhgjhgjhgjhgjhgjhgjbig city

hgfhagfakjhgfabright, tall, shiny

hgjhgjyhgjhgjhgjhgjhgjhghjhgjhgjhgpity, to big


bhfhjgfhgfngfhgfhgfhgfhgfhwhy a big city

ghjyfjhfjhgfjhnice and pretty

hjhjhgjhgjhgjhgjhgjhgjhgtall, tall, tall


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