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how to make a rainbow loom starburst


What you will need: a Rainbow loom Rainbow bands a hook a s or c clip


1. Place your first band diagonal on the peg from the start on the loom and do the same with the other side

2.after you place the diagonal band from the middle to each side loom straight up on each side to the end of the loom

3.Close it up doing diagonal bands again

4.for the star burst you for to the start of the loom and go a peg up in the middle section, now place a band on diagonal right and continue around in a clockwise motion

5.put cap bands on the middle of each star burst and of course on the end of the loom where we did the diagrams shown in the photo.

6.Start hooking get your hook and go inside the cap band then crab the first band on the peg

7.Next hook the perimeter bands like a single

8. now secure the end of the loom to take it off

9. after it is taken of it should look like this

10 . Thats your Star burst.

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