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Math Mate sheet 3 term 3


Predict: I predict this is going to be about orderings of numbers Read: The sum of three consecutive whole numbers is 96. What are the three numbers. Clarify: nothing to clarify Big question: Three numbers to get to ninety six Mathematicians toolbox: Write a sum or number sentence. Solve: I know that 30 times 30 […]

POE Chart- rusting experiment


  P O E Milk carton in salt water to help Prevent rust It isn’t going to rust because the plastic is preventing it from rusting The plastic has helped prevent  the nail from rusting, so far The nail looked the same from how we first got it [brand new] Nail in Salt water We […]

BTH Diabetes day


3 facts about diabetes is there are two ways of getting it, your either born with it or get it when your older if you don’t eat healthy. My second fact is that everyday they have to check there blood to see if the thing goes high or low which tells him if he needs […]

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