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Moment in time- Camp


When our group went fishing, I was the first person to catch a fish I held the fish once it was out of the water and it smelt fishy I felt the scales of the fish on my hand  and they felt really wired and not the way I expected the scales to feel like […]

5 big questions


What makes this book good?This book is good because although the book always jumps to a problem to another it at the same time becomes very funny for example there was a very catchy part in the book, it caught my eye when the two characters started yelling at each other. I call it the […]

100 WC # 15


I had woken up one morning and it was Christmas morning and I had asked Santa for a paint set absolutely all I have ever wanted since I was little I wanted a paint set because I am very into art and craft. Anyway I was on my way to the Christmas tree that we […]

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100 WC #14


I was in my classroom and  I was just finishing off a little work when I heard a noise. I had been at least five minutes and it was still going. Then the noise stopped I thought it was some ones laptop . It was a very interesting noise! When I got home from school […]

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100 WC #12


Dear children,   I am so sorry for what I have done I feel terrible. Because you have lost your families for what I have done it doesn’t make you different from anyone else. I hope you can forgive me for doing this and I hope we can be friends again and not to worry […]

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