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Famous forensic scientist joseph bell


  Joseph bell was born in 1837 December second and was born in Scotland so he is Scottish Joseph bell was a forensic surgeon.  Joseph studied medicine at the university of Edinburgh medical school and received an MD which is a medical degree in 1859. Joseph was also a great grandson of Benjamin Bell, a […]

300 words


This year in September 22nd I went to Thailand. First I went to koh samui for 6 days and Bangkok for 8 days. In koh samui at the place we went to they had actual jungle at the resort the bad thing though is they said they were going to take all of it down […]

GTAC reflection


On Monday 28th of October we went to GTAC. We went there because our integrated topic this term is forensic science, so we went there to learn more about the topic. In the science lab we were looking at evidence from the dog alphie to find out where he was up to. there were samples […]

procedual text how to make the perfect presentation.


1. Make sure you have everything you need before you present your speech\presentation that means cue cards and equipment. 2.SPEAK CLEARLY!!!, always to practice your speech a lot to remember what you are going to say so you don’t mumble on your words. 3.As well as speaking clearly speak loudly, other wise your audience wont […]

maths mate sheet 5 question24


Predict: I predict this question is going to be about putting numbers into boxes so it equals the sum on the page read: Fill in the missing numbers to produce correct equations in every row and column. Clarify: Nothing to clarify Big question: Fill in the missing numbers. Mathematicians toolbox: I have seen a similar […]

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