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The crime



Daily dash


Thank goodness it’s Friday it’s been a very busy week YAY!!! This week has been sooooo busy! and tomorrow is the weekend [Saturday!].We get to relax from doing work! well apart from checking  if it is finished and done properly or not. My only concern about the weekend is that I have to do my […]

International day of the girl


International day of the girl From the website I found to research I learnt that girls are forced to get married under the age of 18 not just that but also nearly 60 million girls in the world have not had any education. It was really upsetting to find out about the girls having early […]

term 3 reflection


Introduction Last term the topic for our integrated project was… EXPLORERS!!! And this is my reflection on the last integrated project. What we did to learn about explorers was to do a speech on an Australian explorer.   Three facts I found Interesting and surprising were: Firstly I found that it was amazing to find […]

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