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Exploration Proposal


Explorer: Dame Kate Campbell We chose this explorer because she discovered children’s diseases which really interested us! The team I worked with was Layla, Cindy and I. Questions: a few questions I have are When was she born? How and when did she die? Why did she want to discover children’s diseases?  When did she […]

Math mate sheet 3 question 19


predict: I predict this is about location Read: Whose locker is located at c1 Clarify: nothing to clarify Big Question: Whose locker is located at c1 Mathematicians toolbox: I have seen a similar problem Solve: I solved this question by using the chart on the math mate sheet to tell me whose locker was at […]

Maths mate sheet 3 Question 24


Predict: I predict this question is about problem solving and adding up numbers. Read: Towns A to F are to be connected by fibre optics cables along existing roads. Calculate the minimum length of cable required. { Each town must be connected to at least one other town. All distances are in kilometres} clarify: nothing to […]

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