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Letter to Liz


Dear Liz, On the holiday for two weeks we went to Queensland to mooloolaba to the sunshine coast. We went with our friends aswell and stayed in a house not a hotel. We did a lot of things like see bindi at Australia zoo, going to noosa, going shopping and most of all in the […]

5/6c’s classroom consideration


In 5/6c, we will treat everyone equally In 5/6c mistakes are seen as learning opportuinities In 5/6c  we respect people, properties and opinions In 5/6c we always stay strong no matter what have fun and be comftable trying new things

first post 2013!


This year I am looking forward to camp,gala sports,swimming and a lot of other things. I am really enjoying using the laptops this year that we have. I really like my new teacher Liz because she is very kind to me. In my class I have a lot of friends in my class and they are […]

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