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Term 4 maths project reflection


Madeleine and I started a project on replacing the shipping containers. We started to estimate how big the container was. Our estimate was 11.50 but it actually was 12.25mx2.48m. Madeleine and I were thinking of putting a library there that was going to be an extension of our school library that we already have. I […]

Diamante poems


kittens playful,exitement jumping, playing, running runing up the hallway, running down the hallway sniffing, jumping, barking fun, playful dogs l

Diamante poems


fashion awesome, girly laughing ,giggling, walking up the red carpet, down the red carpet shopping, relaxing, dreaming sleepy, tired bed

Vertical Addition by Esther, Mia and Madeline


Term 3 Publication



100WC week 12


For Christmas I really wanted to have an  Ipad. But my mum said no. Santa will never give you an Ipad it is to expensive but I still wrote it on my list and I wrote it as the first thing on my list so Santa will know I want it the most. Tonight was Christmas […]

how ants make sand between bricks


One day there was a man that lived in a brick house one hundred years ago. He always used to wonder how ants make sand between the  bricks of his house. One day the man went to the front of his house and got all the sand off  so he was very happy till a […]

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