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line break activity 1


She loved the sound of the wind in the leaves

my friends


i have friends Rebecca and Maddy they are my best friends they do so much nice things for me and they always cheer me up when i feel down.

school concert


I cant wait our school concert is on Thursday October 18 our class song is blame it on the boogie. our costume is to wear flared pants 1970s disco clothes and Afro wigs but i am not wearing an Afro wig. my costume is a shinny gold colour top and flared pants i am going […]

Ghouls rules


If you love monster high there movie ghouls rules came out i know it is to late and it came out a while ago i dont care i love it. Have you seen the goul costumes they are really cool my favourite is draculaura she is soo pretty in the goul costume but i think the movie […]



10th of September to the 12th we went to camp. The place was called camp currambene. When we got there we went in our cabins to see how they looked like.Our first activity Was indoor rock climbing it was just like rock climbing but indoor so what we had to do was climb on the […]

luna park


On the first day of the holidays my dad took me to Luna park we had the funnest time ever i really enjoyed it we went on the roller coaster [some thing like that]. We went on the toney tower it was really fun. When we went on the ghost train i didn’t know that […]

my trip to sydney


when it was my birthday my aunty said my present was to go to sydney for a day it was fun as when we got on the plaine going up i looked out the window and because i am scared of heights i was scared to see how high we were. When we got there it […]

my birthday party


On the 22nd of September I had my sleepover party It was fun as all my friends were able  to come. we watched wiled child it was so funny we had popcorn and played games.Before we watched movies we played musical chairs and we all won a prize. My cake was a chocolate mud cake it […]

my fifth poem


slowly cudly blue eyes brown pink pretty sad dog

my fourth poem


horrified puggles slowly sneezing

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